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Here are some photos from recent times. I feel like I've been lagging a bit in the digital photo shooting. But I just dropped off 4 rolls of film on Saturday so at least I've been shooting. So enjoy these bits and pieces.

Kyle stopped by and strummed some tunes while waiting to ride bikes somewhere.

Some hobo fire action at the dudebarn.

This guy stopped by to check out the fire and the ramp.

I took a really awkward fall skating the other night. Hanging up ollieing up a curb always feels stupid but I had the added radness of falling right onto a parking block. This ripped my thumb nail up, jammed my finger, and bruised my forearm. Sweet.

I got my hands on a sample of Dennis's new shoe. These are my new favorite shoes. I hope there are enough samples floating around the office to last until these drop in July.

Finally took this bad boy out on the streets for the first time.

Out at the pub with Derek.

Jen and Derek.


We took a trip to Forest Grove...

The shade worked against us and half the park was wet.

Part of our Sunday skate mission included this.

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