does dedick cray evryday?

You may recall many photos of Yuji from early last summer. He rides for Coda and came to stay at Pat's house for a month or so. He showed up to Portland with minimal English skills and the desire to skate a lot. His first weekend happened to coincide with a visit from Conor and we promptly showed him all Portland had to offer in the way of nightlife. One of those nights culminated with Yuji, Conor, and Verg drinking champagne over a firery pile of trash on the corner by my house.
Over the course of his stay Yuji shredded everything Portland had to offer and his English skills picked up remarkably. I shot a rad photo of Pat airing Yuji doing a front feeble at the dudebarn ramp which subsequently ended up in Lowcard. I emailed Yuji to make sure he saw it and I got this amazing email back from him:

how are you!
i saw lowcard,
that photo is cool!
did you take that photo?
i like that photo!!
does dedick cray evryday?
That made my day!
And no Derek (aka Dedick) doesn't cry everyday. It's more like every other day!
There is some Yuji footage tucked away in Ben's cell phone video. Side note: that's 3 posts in a row featuring one of the Graham brothers.

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