dudebarn tattoos

That title is no lie. Best dumb idea ever. We've been talking about it for a while and Curtis finally went ahead and had his friend and tattoo artist Dave draw up a design. We all agreed and set forth on Sunday afternoon to permanently mark ourselves with what has become more than just a house with a ramp.

Brandon went first.

Next up was Nate.

Curtis found some room to squeeze his in.

And I rounded out the group.

And here's what we ended up with. Dude.

And to keep this somewhat skate related. We secured some free skatelite from some friends and now the ramp is better than ever. That new skatelite might look like shit but it rides real nice.

Head over to Highfivethumbsup for some SF coverage. Conor also shot this amazing skate clip of me.

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Dude, the Adidas TM is suck a kook. He can't even do a kickflip after tailside. Geeze.
-The Slap MB