House shows and CeeLo

First off, go bid on skateboards to benefit the Montana Skatepark Association! There are tons of rad artists involved and even a skateboard done by little ol' me. See the picture below of the sweet shot of Gonz ripping in Mexico City that is up for bid.

Julia and Rune were in town with Dennis.

Rune Busenitz killing at soccer.

This is the first time I've been stuck on a bridge in Portland. It didn't seem to raise up for a boat or any particular reason.

Danny and his wild eyed daughter.

Friday night house show at the Mean Jean's palace. I don't remember the name of these guys but they were fun to watch.


I think White Fang is my new favorite live band. They bring a whole crew that gets rowdy right up front with random percussion instruments. This guy stood on the amp for the whole set with a tambourine.

Some other band that I can't remember the name of. Good but wrong energy for the house shoe and other bands involved.

I wonder where this guy is from?

Mandatory Mean Jeans shots.

Andrew had a great hole in his pants.

Saturday night was Caitlin's birthday party in North Portland. Shaun fed beer to a Tiger.

And CeeLo got played.

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