Don't be mad that we're having more fun than you

A lot of fun has happened in the last few days. Maybe it was the warm weather foreshadowing what summer is soon to bring. Maybe it was having Pat visit with Maryland natives and Pitcrew reppers Mark and Cory. Whatever it was I'm not arguing with it because my stomach is hurting from laughing and my head is aching from a hangover. And if this is what the summer of 2009 holds then let's keep it going. There are enough bars in Portland that we can't get kicked out of all of them.

The Mean Jeans played on first Thursday.
We showed up with a crew and immediately got rowdy. There is a lot of awesome happening here. Just take it all in.
Friday evening BarnBQ. Good times having a ripping ramp session.
A montetarily inspired challenge presented itself. Some cash on the line to drink the water from the cigarette butt dish from the porch.
Looks like cancer in a glass.
Almost $100 was ponied up.
And Curtis took the whole thing down.
He tried to rid himself of the nastiness.
But this is all he got.
Saturday we got invited to Windell's to skate while our friend Jamie Weller poured a concrete bowl on the end of his excitebike track.
They have a foam pit! And Derek can do flips.
There are a couple outdoor bowls.
And some dirt jumps.
Check the footy of the bowl sesh below.
On the way home we stopped off to show Mark and Cory this amazing spot that is unskatable. Mark pissed on it.
Pat has been back in Brooklyn for too long.
I have a fun game to play with Mark. It's called hit the send button on his phone while he's in the middle of a text message.
This is moments after the bartender told Mark to get his act together.
Back to Chopsticks again. Guess what? They didn't like us, again.
The DJ told us to tone it down and act like civilized humans. All because we were dancing along to people's karaoke songs. This is the toned down, civilized dance. They were acting like it was the movie Footloose up in the bar.
That dance quickly progressed into the zombie dance. They really didn't like the zombie dance.
Just look how angry that dude on the right is. This is just before he physically pushed most of the crew out of the bar.
So let's take it up the street to Red Flag.
That bar needs to post some rules.
They don't like when you do this at that bar.
Don't play with their tiger cutout.
Don't play with balloons shaped like numbers.
Definitely don't wear a wolf mask you find on a table.
And they really hate when you wear a cat mask.
Any of combination of these will get you kicked out or physically thrown out by your shirt by the female bartender.
Let's try one more bar...
But first Pat will climb a tree.
At least the masks were smuggled out of Red Flag.
Pat really likes the local flora.
This may be funnier in a you-had-to-be-there-way. Pat couldn't find his hat after vacating the shrub. In the dark they couldn't find it but it's really clear in the photo where his hat is.
You really can pick your friend's nose.
Going to this bar was like the end of Footloose where they get to have the dance at the building that is just outside the city limits.
Tree number 2 for Pat.
This was the only thing at the last bar that bummed out the bartender. She came outside and in a really disappointed tone told us to get our friend out of the tree.
Now I'm off to Europe for this:

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