Europe part 2

Next stop, Barcelona. A land of cafés con leche, bocadillos, a very relaxed sense of time, siestas, and amazing skate spots. This is also where Pete, Silas, Tim, and Dave joined our crew.

Waiting for the train from the airport, Lem keeps watch on the bags.

Long hallway connecting various trains.

The second premiere of Diagonal was setup by Barcelona local Marcos Gomez. Between the train stop and the theater we encountered this famous skate spot.

Dave breaks down the workings of Silas's new camera.

Tim and Silas enjoy some complimentary Estrella Damms.

Pete holed up.

After the premiere, Chewy took us on a crazy route to this bar.

They were playing a skate video so we were all captivated.

Our hotel was right up the street from Sants so every day started with a meet up and warm up here.

Dennis had no problem laying this down to start the day.

Tim has these on lock.

We took the train out to a new spot lead by Raul. Matt found a very scenic place to piss.

There was a trike rally going on. They had a couple of kegs and invited us to join in the party.

Lem posed a benihana for the cameras.

Dave and Torsten getting the sick angles.

And the crowd loved it.

These guys chilled.

While these guys played skate.

Back in the city we spent some time at this spot.

You may remember this spot from Diego's ollie or Jeremy Wray's backside 180.

This is how far Lem ollied to see if he could make the real gap.

Tim warming up at this ledge.

Photo angles while these guys sat in the hot sun.

Steep banks at the HO.

Double set ollie by Silas to warm up.

Tim and Dennis take in the action.

What's he going to do?

Raul keeping up on the futbol skills.

Lem landed one and went back for another but his board wasn't up to it.

Dave had some pent up energy after shooting photos all day and let it out with some Tennis.

The crew off to a pizza party. Although Jody will claim that it wasn't "real" pizza.

Rune likes the new shoes.


Silas about to throw down while Dave and Torsten get the angles.

Chilling at the Parallel.

Interesting signage.

Rune thinking his stroller is a backpack.

Early morning train ride to the airport.

Silas came to Barcelona straight from a China trip so he needed to catch some Zs.

See you in Berlin.

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