The Big Crapple

I made the trek to NYC for Back to the Banks and Manny Mania. It amazes me how late everyone in New York stays out. I would be a complete pile of shit if the bars stayed open until 4 or later. It's not often that I hear last call these days but it's always a reminder that I should get home and go to bed. When that happens a couple hours later, that's ridiculous. My camera didn't make it out of my pocket as much as it should have. One of the major undocumented occurrences was seeing my old friend Tom Gilmour. Further weekend plans to meet up with Tom were spoiled by trying to pack too much into a short stay. Next time Tom! In summary, I saw a lot of skating, I pushed around the city a lot, drank some expensive cheap beers, stole Pat's bed, saw old friends, and went to a nice part of New Jersey (which I didn't know existed).

Pat's self inflicted mullet.

Fucking Yuji was there! That was a nice surprise upon arrival. The fact that he and 3 other Japanese dudes were staying at Pat's was not a nice surprise.

Just play where's Waldo with Yuji's hand. Nice work!

So many kids at Back to the Banks.

Benny signing autographs.

My new best friend.

Me and a bridge curtesy of Pat Smith.

This is a miss of a rad trick that Yuji was trying. I got the real deal on film.

Statue of Liberty = Freedom.

We came across these bagpipers while skating by Wall St. I was wondering what the fuck it was all about. It was a wedding procession! Damn.

Zach Lyons.

Zach and his homie Bobby.

Manny Mania!

Tim with awesome grip art.

Guest shots by Pat of our friends eating ice cream. First up, Mark Weeks.

Jerry Mraz.

Doug Shoemaker.

Game of skate with the weirdest tricks by the Japanese crew.

Out into the cuts of New Jersey with the O'Connor family.

Stefan likes No Comment.

No Comment and Diesel.

Time for a swim.

Tim has pirate ship with a mock crucifixition on it.

Japanese crew's last night to party.

Bonus shot - the one photo I took during my 24 hours in LA for the Transworld awards.

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dude barn said...

doesn't tim make fun of everyone? isn't he wearin some flops in that pic?