4pm, 4 dollar pints - the SFO, the time and price.

Off to San Francisco for a brief trip. An afternoon of skating, and evening of debauchery, and a beautiful wedding. Not bad for a couple days.

Straight to heckler hill complete with BBQ.

Potrero del Sol.

This 3 legged dog was a ripper.

Then it was off to Pop's for some antics featuring Andreas.

This is when he spit beer at me.

Look at those faces!

Andreas kicked Tracy's leg so she punched him in the balls.

But they were all made up soon after.

This is Strubing's new collar bone.

Double angles over at the Trife.

I know for a fact that this shot will bum out Andreas. Don't hate me too much!

Welsh showed up and promptly focused Andreas's board.

This will make you forget about your broken board. Actually, it will make you forget about everything.

Next day's aftermath.

Cruising the streets in a one piece skeleton costume makes things seem better.

Then on to Sebastapol where this guy was done up in authentic German garb for his big day.

Congratulations Dennis and Julia!

Taco truck? Hell yeah. I wish I had thought of that one.

Tim, Jody, and Jessie.

Tommy G dropped in to play some tunes. No big deal.

This isn't bizarro Dennis, just his brother.

A quick stop by Lowcard HQ on the way out of town.

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cutty mc cutterson said...

full moon timz...weirdness afoot. i guess it's good or bad that i ducked out of pops early?