Okanagan Roadtrip

The annual summer pilgrimage to Amy's hometown of Summerland, BC. Didn't do much besides read, swim, eat cherries, and do a little bit of skating.

In the car with Diesel.

Chester likes water fresh from the faucet.

Amy grew up playing on this boat in the park across from their house. They were ripping it out when we were there.

At least this weird horse thing is still there.

Pete and Will.

This is where the guys live while they're working in the orchards.

Forest fires make for good sunsets.

The guys just finished picking Lapin cherries so they got a couple days off and had a party.

Some Frenchy got on the roof and blew fire.

Almost home.

Doug got a new job and has to go away for 6 weeks to train. So we had a couple beers to send him off.

Found a slug that wanted to party too.

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