I rolled in straight from Oakland, holdin my dick like a US Open...trophy

I spent a week in SF with the team wrangling them around to spots to shoot photos. It was a lot of fun but also very exhausting. I wish that I had more time to hang out with old friends while I was in the city but all I wanted to do was go to bed when I got back to the hotel each night. I'll be back soon enough for a pleasure visit though. Enjoy.

iPhone bumping.

Powerslide art.

We thought this old lady was going to kick us out. Turns out her grandson skates and she wanted to know if any of the skaters were famous so she could tell him. We hooked her up with a shirt.

Silas hustled fools with the dice games.

"These clouds make me want to be on mushrooms." Direct quote from the van.

Spent my week with this crew.

I lived on one of these streets.

Gonz literally shredded his shorts apart.

Don't give Lem lighter fluid.

Vince can thumb gun.

Standard Irving pose.

Gonz behind the lens.

Noren's filming cape.

Made it out to the 500 Club for 2 beers 1 of the nights to hang out with these dudes.

They don't want people to do much at this school.

Old bridge + new bridge.

Backside 50-50 warm up. Wait til you see what went down.

Art direction and photos.

Matching flannel crew.

Last night dinner.

Clean plates.

More dice. Jascha came up!

Unibrow comb over.