The Body of the Bird.

I've got to start off with how much I love having google analytics embedded on the blog. I'm a nerd for all the numbers and stuff it shows me. I like looking at the map of where people are that look at this magical little blog. The world map always has some random countries but Japan, Canada, and the UK are always consistant readers. Thanks who ever you are!
With the US map it's always an interesting spread. It makes sense to me that my friends in Missoula are checking in, that friends of all the Ohians out here stop by, and that places I've previously lived have high numbers. There are still lots of randoms. Check it out.

But really the best part about it is that when people search random things and end up here I get to see what it is they typed. Of course dudebarn in all its forms tops it out. But there all the random combinations of words that are typed various places on the blog that get mashed together for someone's google search. Recently a phrase in several iterations popped up repeatedly. The following 3 pictures are for that person (or persons) that have been searching "richard the mean jeans portland, or". Here is Richard in all his glory. Please don't do anything creepy with these photos. Wait, I take it back. Do something weird and creepy with these photos.

The Mean Jeans played with the always amazing Underground Railroad to Candyland. Seriously, go see them if you can.

Bonus picture of Friday.

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