So, so, SOTY

Off to SF for the big Thrasher party. We only had a couple days to see everyone. The rain was pouring while were there which wasn't much different than home. First on the list was hanging with my hetero-life-mate, Conor Kelly.

Saw Parker and Doug at the Uptown.

Made a stop by 6 Newell and saw John Alden in some Jenga Action.

Oh yeah, it's real.

Amy and Andreas.

Dennis and Julia.

This handsome devil bought this shirt at the best store on Earth in Polson, MT. He paid 12.5 cents.

Schmidty came up on the best PBR gear of the night. Damn him and sorry Verg, I tried to get you one for your birthday.

Conor and Greg.

Josh, Conor, Greg, and myself.

Tom and Andy spent time at the Dudebarn during the summer of tent city.

A rare shot of Nails.

This bartender was hilarious.

Greg went with his go to karaoke song but Kalisha ended singing most of it.
First you gotta put your neck into it
Don't stop, just do, do it

Drank some beers next to the gunsmith to end the trip.


brandon said...

tom, is that a tech vest?

Anonymous said...
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