Don't let the sun set on you in Ybor.

Off to Tampa Am. That means days at the skatepark and nights at The Reservoir bar. Our first night there were some awesome Thunderstorms. I wish I would have gotten shots of the lightening. Oh well. After a session at the park we went for some beers and pool.

The lady working here was so excited about serving us breakfast.

These next 2 shots are by no means good skate shots. I just sat in one spot at the park and these guys flew by.
First, Gilbert catching a nollie frontside heelflip on the bank to wall.

And Marius blasting these frontside ollies.

We got pizza on the way to the Del show and this piano was outside the pizza place. Just waiting to get played.

Vince keeping it classy.

Lem and Vince at Czar Bar. Just a little earlier I smashed an ice shotglass glass against that wall.

Ripping bowl session on Saturday.

Sunday was Jake Donnelly's birthday but we started partying on Saturday.

Me and the birthday boy.

Brad, Dave's girlfriend, Momma the bartender, and Jake.

Danny, Freddie, Jake, and Dave.

Freddie and Lem look like brothers. They told a lot of people they are related.

This night looks almost over.

Sunday was hungover and the finals of the contest. If you care about who won and seeing tricks you should visit one of the skateboard news sites or something.

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