Whale's Vagina

To me, there is hardly anything less exciting than traveling to a skate tradeshow on my 30th birthday. That being said I had just come off an amazing weekend (see below) and decided to make it last through the few days in San Diego. I started out by upgrading to first class on the flight down.

Then Wade kept it going by renting this ridiculously awesome Mustang.

We made our way to North County and stopped off at an amazing burrito joint. Who would be there eating? Conor, Greg, and Marty of course. Greg did some jump roping in the parking lot to work off his burrito.

Then over to TWS to harass Josh and skate the park. Wade and I ended the day with a second round of burritos and some drinks.

This sums up the tradeshow pretty well at Star Bar. Rico from Blood Wizard, Chris Gentry, and Strubing. Yeah!

Random bank vault.

Back to Portland for some night skating.

Brandon found his dream spot.

Spot check.

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sketchy westside funeral home