I couldn't think of a better birthday surprise than seeing 2 of my best friends roll into the Bye and Bye unannounced. Amy orchestrated all of it so that my hetero-lifemate, Conor, and I could continue on an awesome tradition of celebrating birthday week. This was one of the best weekends on record. We killed it!

Conor and Amy.

Andrew was excited.

All smiles.

So many choices for karaoke.

Kara and Amy.

Greg and Conor killing it here.

The crowd forms...

These chicks get fired up...

... And Andrew kicks out this jam.

This is the last of the photographic evidence from Friday night even though we carried on.

We tried to make skating work on Saturday to no avail.

Conor bought this shirt for 12.5¢ at the best store in Polson, MT.

Got to make room for more fun!

Even more fun happened after this.

This is Greg's sure fire way to get a dance circle started at a crowded bar. You're welcome world.

This is the kind of night we had!

Put some wigs on.


Sunday was the day of Conor.

He cared not if he skated through puddles to do steezy crooked grinds.

Kickflip board breaker.

This store is amazing and Conor made sure to buy as much awesome stuff as possible. You'll know what I'm talking about when you see his velour suit.

Brandon mean mugs.

This was the 4th girl that Brandon got to rock the puffy coat.

Just look at how tight these dudes are!

Best photography walls ever!

Friday and Conor hold it down.


brandon said...

george, you forgot to mention that the first three girls were naked

Mean said...

might hafta vote this one best dude barn post ever. brandon & conor's jacket/shoelace coordination is unprecedented. -christian