Oupa! Greece!

On the road again.  More passports stamps and doing kickflips in exotic locations.

Evening in Athens.

First spot, on the first day.  Lots of ripping and 2 boards in the water.

Jetlag makes for impromptu naps.

Spot lurkage.

This is a skatepark.  I felt like we should be reenacting the joust scene from Thrashin.

I'm on a boat?

Nothing like the Magic Garden in Portland.

It was a little bit scenic.

Time for quads!

Say Club Ramrod!

"Hey take our picture.  Oh, and you just got iced!"

I love me some House Toast!

We went and saw old things too.

Pete thinks I have an unhealthy cat obsession.  He pointed out this sweet graffiti to me.  Home is where the cat is.

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