Springing forward while falling behind.

Here's a batch of photos that have been trapped in their digital prison of my camera for too long.

I took Mackenzie for a pedicure when she visited.

Got myself some sweet pink with tiger stripes.

Took in a Winterhawks game.

Not long after, it was off to SF.  I love flying in on clear days when the whole city is visible.

Real video premiere chaos.

And it was Reed's birthday.

Next stop, Germany.  Do you think we all work for adidas?  Also, check out the dude we don't know lounging in the background.

This was the most interesting part of an otherwise overly-long and boring presentation.

Of course there was arm wrestling!

N├╝rnberg is full of weird sculptures.  This is just one of them.

Wade does this all the time and it's weird.

Back in Portland.  Dudebarn skate mission.

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