Party In The USA!

We kicked off summer by premiering the new Coda video, Slappy Hour, on the Dudebarn shed.  It seemed a fitting way to show it.  Surprisingly, the neighbors didn't complain and the cops didn't show up.  We've taken that energy and haven't slowed down at all.  We think fun is awesome!

This beer disappeared real fast.

Shortly before the video started.

Go time!

It didn't take long for the fireworks to come out.

These guys got their hair braided together.

Dudes from Buffalo can sleep anywhere.

Some afternoon dance party while watching youtube videos.

These 2 are roommates now.

People love heartagrams.

Yo, you text?

This lady had a matching shirt with Danny.  She got really weirded out when I asked to take her picture.

Dude pile.
Lights out!

Danny crushes chairs with his dance moves.

Obviously my dance moves are on point too.

This is Danny's other dance move.

I don't even remember what is going on here but it doesn't look good.