Went to chopsticks last Saturday night...

...someone got laid, my friends got in a fight.

Chopsticks is the most hit-or-miss spot.  We've been some of the only people in there and had a blast.  Then there are times we dance like zombies and get physically removed from the bar.  Saturday was more like the latter.  Apparently we didn't mix well with the bridge and tunnel crowd there.  I could foresee that at least one of us was getting kicked out.  The final tally was 2.  Not that bad I guess.

Formal Brandon was there.  I don't know the last time I saw him without a hat.

Pat was looking dapper also.

Pat and Rikki.

I don't know...

Danny got a hickey.

This would be better if you could see the picture of Danny's dick on the phone she's putting in her mouth.

Borrowed crutches and Metallica.  People weren't ready for this.


Nothing like some unprovoked punches to the head.

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