I hear the Southern Hemisphere is nice this time of year.

More exotic travels thanks to work.  This trip took me to a new continent - Australia.  Fun times and great skating.  Also excellent hosts!  Chris McClean and Kurt Winter made us feel right at home.  Hope to go back some day.  There aren't a lot of digital snaps because I shot a ton of film.  Can't wait to see those results.

Wolfe was in the shade.

Spot chilling.  Shoe phone.

Kurt's nickname is Sanga because he loves sandwiches.  Proof.


Forget your flip-flops?  Just make some.


Jake wanted to get close.

Tight miniramp in Torquay!


Gonz wallride.

Tight stamps.

Footage party.

This will make more sense when you see our next Lowcard ad.

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