Spring is in the air.

Spring time is here.  Which means summer is close.
 Derek had his 35th birthday.  We did some skating at the Yobeat ramp.  He had a goal to learn switch 3 flips before he turned 35.  Didn't happen.  Maybe he'll get it before 36.

What you got on this skatemap?

Spring time also means a trip to Tampa Pro.  Black Lips kicked it all off.

2 Erics.

Whatcha gonna do on Saturday?  Just take my sick bike to Ybor, light up the ground effects, and chill out.

My beard and Magnethead.

Koerner's ponytail hat.


First Mustang on 30s!

This place.

More of these kooks.

Someone thought it was a good idea to let Freddy be the guest bartender.


Brink was drinking tea.  Real responsible.

Koerner and Carboy reunited.

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