Dudebarn, monthly.

It's come to this.  Monthly updates.  So much for timely recaps of shenanigans.  If anyone still looks at this blog I think you'll enjoy this batch.

True to form, summer weather started promptly on July 1.  That always makes for an interesting 4th of July.  People are ready to drink beer in the sun all day and let loose.  Between our camping mission and BBQing I'd say the 4th was an all around success.  Then, add in some karaoke (of course) and bands playing in a bag store and you know we've been having fun.

As a side note, my friend Jen recently wrote a blog post lamenting the lack of mini ramps around these days.  I count 4 different ramps in this post.  We just need to go skating more Jen!

Coastal journey.

That one rock.

Because if you don't camp, the terrorists have won.

Mini, mini.  It's so small, mellow, and fun that it kind of ruins every other ramp.  Or least makes them feel like a vert ramp.

4th of July BBQ #2.  More face painting was happening than skating.

Net jump challenge.  This is a make.

This is not.

Chris got it the try after this.


Slammer sighting!  At the Slammer bar of course.

Oh hey random dog, you chilling?

Ramp shredding in SE.

Back at the barn.  Evening shredding with Alex.

Why not try to grind off the end, over the trash can to that plywood?  This didn't end up nearly as bad as it looks.


You know there was karaoke.  Cheyne crushing it.

I think I got our whole karaoke crew in one photo!

Dropping knowledge on your college.

Then this happens.  But unlike Chopsticks this won't get you kicked out at this spot.


I'm not sure why this event was happening, but stoked that White Woman was playing at the Chrome Bag store.

Shirtless band, shirtless crowd.

When the mic gets dropped who else would pick it up?

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