Shred In Peace...

Got the news yesterday that my old friend Jeremiah Brooks passed away.  He was a staple of my time living in Boulder, CO.  He was an integral part of our skate crew, the Sweet Princes, and I spent every Saturday with him holding down the shop at Meta slanging skateboards to the kids.

I could go on for days with stories.  Skate sessions, other antics we got into, road trips, or trying to recount some awesome story Jam had told me over the years.  He was an awesome dude.  Even when I had moved away and only had the pleasure of seeing him once a year or so, it was like we had never missed a beat.  That wasn't just with me either, that was with everyone of his friends.

It's been rad seeing everyone post old photos on Instagram.  Nails and Louis have put up some gems and there is a Facebook page in his honor.  If you knew Jam, you should check it out.  And in that vein, here is Jam's video part from one of the old Meta videos.

The only way I can really sum this up is by saying, good night Sweet Prince.

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