Buy these photos!

So you couldn't come to the opening and a zine isn't enough for you?  How about buying a print?!
Everything was shot with film.  The color enlargements were done optically by Blue Moon Camera in Portland.  All the black and white was hand printed by yours truly.  All the prints are custom matted which were cut by hand in my living room.  And if all of that wasn't enough, everything comes framed!  So what are you waiting for!  Everything is going for $100 except for the Snow Day print, which is 2 shots that go together in 2 frames, and that is going for $150.  All the square shots are 10x10, everything rectangular is 11x14, and the Snow Day prints are 2 8x10s.  I accept PayPal and there will be additional charges for shipping if you live out of Portland.  Hit me up at georgefgd@hotmail.com if you're interested.  Or you can go by Commonwealth Skateboarding and buy one in person.  Perfect gifts for the Holidays!


Mean Jeans - 1. - SOLD

 Mean Jeans - 2 - SOLD


Carefree River Days.

Salmon Head - SOLD.

Free Beer.

Leaves. - SOLD

Doubles.  Pat Smith and Yuji Watanabe.

River Days.

Extension. - SOLD

Snow Day. SOLD!

Tattoo Party - 1. - SOLD

Tattoo Party - 2.

Camping. - SOLD

Woods. - SOLD

Boneless.  Gonz.

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