This Saturday! Photo Show and Zine Release!

I better see all you Portland residing blog readers at my photo show and zine release this Saturday, December 8th.  It's at Commonwealth Skatepark from 6-9pm.  The show is called It Might Have Been.  It's a collection of my favorite moments from the last few years skateboarding, hanging with friends, adventuring, and roaming around Portland.  Everything was shot on film and prints will be for sale at the opening.

Also, zines are now for sale!  A limited run of 75.  The zine contains all the shots that are in the show.  It's a mix of color and black + white photograpy.  They'll be for sale at Commonwealth or I can send one to you if you paypal me $5.  Hit me at georgefgd@hotmail.com.  And maybe I'll get some in the Seeing Things Gallery store too.

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