Recent film.

Photos from my trusty point and shoot can span a good time frame and cover a lot of different territory.  These few rolls were no exception.  Here are some things that happened some months ago. 

 Karaoke happened.  The new Chopsticks is weird.  It used to be a strip club and that's exactly what it feels like in there.  Going to karaoke means a call to Cheyne.  It's not the same without him.  Glad he could come a dish out a classic.

Dorian and birthday boy, Conor, belt out a duet.

Ryan doing slappies.

Cows at the state fair.

This was at the very start of summer and the only time I made it to the sweet beach at the long hike river spot.  The water was still too cold for me to go all in.  It didn't stop Mark though.  Piney wanted to play with Igby so much that crept in to the shot.

A late summer visit from my heterolifemate.  He was staying downtown so going here was a no brainer.  It was the first bar that both of us, on different occasions,  went to in Portland - thanks Verg.

Conor loves bolwing - actually all bar games.  We bowled a few frames at the new alley out my way.

Mackenzie was here for a few days this summer. Log jump at the Sandy.

Forever photos of Igby at the river.

 Early morning camping photo.

It's nice when Chelsea and I have weekdays off together.  We hit up this river spot on a quiet day.  Bonus light leak from an overexposed frame on this one.

Bartender life has limited the shows I can attend.  I got off work just in time to catch this Mean Jeans set at the Know.

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