Mission To Boise - The Photos

There didn't seem to be quite enough content to make a zine out of this trip.  Maybe we needed a few more days on the road?  So this will be the repository of our digital memories of an October weekend spent in Idaho.

There has been a lot of talk about going out to Boise to skate.  The weather is a bit sunnier there and it always seems to be dry.  So I finally sent out a big group text to find out who was down.  After some back and forth, and some schedule checking the final crew ended up being Dorian, Jen, Mark, Sam, Steve, Templeton, and myself.  We hit the road on a rainy Friday morning with hopes of stretching our legs at the skateparks in Bingen and The Dalles.  The weather said otherwise, but luckily we beat the rain cloud to Pendleton so we could get some skating in.  This was a fun first park to kick off the trip.  From there we jammed the rest of the way to Boise.  We checked in to our house and headed downtown for tacos.  On the way home we grabbed supplies and had a cozy evening sipping beverages and watching a lot of skate videos.

Templeton.  Nose grind bonk.

Mark in Pendleton.

Saturday morning showed that the same rain cloud had chased us from Oregon to Idaho.  We took our time eating breakfast and letting the ground dry.  Luckily Rhodes Park is somewhat covered and that dry Boise air helps the puddles disappear.  With a quick stop at Prestige to meet Ben Graham, our day was off to a start at the skatepark.  We spent a few hours at Rhodes, had some lunch, and went back to Rhodes.  From there some of our crew went street skating, some got some chill time, and Steve went off to play hockey.  We had another chill night at the house with skate videos and beverages.

Dorian with a 3flip.

 Jen grinding in the bowl.

This spot is across the street from the skatepark.  Dorian back tail.

 Templeton 180 nosegrind.

 Sam with a boardslide pop out on the curvy thing.

 Crook bonk from the ledge.

 And Sam rounding out MVP status with a tailslide on this crusty bank to ledge.

Sunday we had to make a stop at Push and Pour to start the day. From there we took it out to the Star skatepark.  It was windy, but sunny and it felt like we went too hard skating the day before.  It was still a great place to get the legs working again.  Part of the crew departed from here back to Portland and the rest of us carried on to the Middleton skatepark.  After a session here and scoping some street spots we were in need of some lunch.  We hit up one more park after that, the old Ft. Boise park.  We were full and tired at this point so it wasn't a long session.  Some afternoon chilling lead us to 1 dollar beer night at the bar and some good hanging on our last night in town.

 Templeton with the fun hydrant ollie at Star.

 Full crew photo!


 Good hangs with Ben Graham.  Thanks for tour guiding us!

 Sam grinding the rainbow rail in Middleton.

 Gotta peep that footage.

Monday we started the journey home.  We hit up the Caldwell park which was fun and kind of a street style park.  We stretched our legs at Baker City (where I slammed super hard) and La Grande.  They were good stops to break up the drive.  And from there we drove west right into a new rain cloud and back home to Portland.

Dorian with the long noseslide in Caldwell.

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