Lincoln City/Exploring

A lot of little things going on this last week, it felt like. My office was getting shuffled around last week so I had to work from home. Real bummer there. Friday rolled around and it was off to Lincoln City for my friend Josh's bachelor party. It was fun hanging with the old friends from high school and a couple new friends. One night out there felt like Cougar City instead of Lincoln City. The guys wanted to golf so I hit the skatepark and the best veggie restaurant that shares its space with an adult themed store. It's called Aunt Mary's Toaster Bistro. The Hamms are only $1.50 and one year the Oregon Trifecta had the afterparty there. Aunt Mary filled me in on good Karaoke spot which hit up later that night and took it over. It happened to be their annual Hooker's Ball so that worked out well too.
This week back in Portland I've been out shooting photos with Pat and we've been doing a bit of exploring. Good stuff.

Home Computer vs. Work Computer

We're filming for Caught Clean 2 at the dudebarn.

What does this mean for the ramp???

It means someone is getting a new hammer.

Keg in the back for the ride. Good idea.

Cougar City.

Better practice that form.

Old park.

New Park. Holy shit the snake run has some speed! I bailed the first time down because going that fast is frightening. Then I only went half way up the 13 foot wall at the end. Rad but scary.

Beach. It looks nice but the wind was out of control.

The wind was strong enough to hold a frisbee on Andrew's face.

On my first Karaoke song I announced that it was Josh's bachelor party. That prompted this scene.

This girl was making wagers on who could keep these on the longest. Brian jumped in without hesitation.

I wasn't lying about the Hooker's Ball.

Party crew.

Too bad this pipe is being used as storage. Or those are skatestoppers. On the outside it looks like a keg.

But there are plenty of other setups nearby.

Executing some rad. The good shot will see the light of day elsewhere.

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