The Perfect Pet

This book has been tucked away in a box for many years. It was written by me in the second grade. Hand illustrations by me and print outs from what I can only vaguely remember as awesome computers. Probably the same computers we all played Oregon Trail on. Behold in all it's glory.... The Perfect Pet.

The Perfect Pet, by George Cutright.
April 15, 1988.
Lewis Ames Elementary.

One day I got my allowance. I went to the pet store. I bought a stingray.

I brought it home and it tried to eat my big, fat fish named Popeye. Then he nipped at my Danny-os. Then he tried to gobble up my sucker fish! All of a sudden I noticed he was hungry!

Then my mom gave me some money to buy some stingray food. When I got there the store was twice its size! (apparently at 8 I drew my self with a spikey mullet and green moon boot/high tops.)

When I got in the people were trying to get a gigantic shark into a small fish tank. There was a lot of noise!

I got the food and went home.

About the author:
George is 8 years old and has 1 sister. He is in Mrs. Morandi's second grade class where his favorite subject is art. George has 2 dogs, 2 birds, 9 fish, and a rabbit. He would like to join the army when he grows up. (yeah right!)

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Conor, this one is all yours!



So awesome. You should still rock a spikey mullet.

cocktayl said...

i am so pumped. send it on over...i am glad you did not join the army. that would have sucked for this guy.