Rain in Arizona? I thought it was the desert.

I had to make a trip to AZ for some fatherly duties. It was good to see the family. It had been just over 6 months since I saw Mom and Hilary in Colorado. Arizona in the summer time is not high on my places to visit because of the ungodly heat. But it ended up raining most of the time I was there so I felt like I had never left Oregon. It's always good to spend some time with Mackenzie.

Early last week I took a bike ride downtown. The Fremont Bridge as seen from the Broadway Bridge.

Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier.

The mighty Columbia River.

And of course Mt. Hood.

Mackenzie and I did some rainy day bowling. Cougar ball.

Everything about Mackenzie's approach said left handed except she was bowling right handed. After some convincing from me she gave it a go lefty. Turns out she's pretty good as a lefty. If that arm was stronger she would be killing it.

Legit bowling shop.

Mom, Mackenzie, and Hilary.

So much Freedom in AZ that they have Freedom Station, a place where you can celebrate Freedom all day by playing video games and mini golf.

Mackenzie celebrated Freedom by climbing this wall and ringing the buzzer.

Then we had a joint killing-it-at-skeeball/Freedom session.

My mom has always loved animals and every time I go to visit there is a new animal living at the house. This is Guiness.

This is Hilary's cat Hershey. She is all chocolate brown and meows almost non-stop.

This is Pigeon.

This is Cooper that Mackenzie is holding. He has a crooked beak and can imitate my mom, the microwave, other birds, squeaky dog toys, etc.

And finally Joey.

Mackenzie was petting my face.

And it wouldn't be the Southwest without some crappy Kokopellis.

The clouds were quite amazing leaving AZ but we had to fly around them which made my flight late.

Got back into town and these 2 show up shortly after making their high powered Brass Monkey with Sparks. Times are going to be crazy when Josh and Doug live together.

Amy and Renee. Renee and Jen came down from Vancouver to visit. And somehow I didn't get a photo of Jen.

We tried to sing some Karaoke at the Alibi but they were no longer taking songs. So next best option is George's tavern for some trivia. Dorothy Leigh with her almost routered off fingers was visiting from SF.

Bike pile. Josh wrecked twice on the way TO the bar. I wonder how his ride home was?

Diesel enjoying the company of Hector.

Back to this thing. Pat's got something good for it but a fat security guy in a golf cart gave us the boot.

Good thing this fun little bank is nearby.

While home I went through a box of my childhood papers my mom holds on to. I brought back a couple gems and will make a whole post dedicated to them. Stay tuned later this week.

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cocktayl said...

so many things to say.

you and mackenzie = even more twins than last time i saw her.

bingo ruled and i miss him but new mom zoo is coming pretty clean.

was convinced that we started the sparks in the 40 down here in the bay.

it is dorothy l-e-i-g-h, not lee.

i want to skate that metal thing and the bank next trip.

i love you and highfivethumbsup.