Blog Wars/Snow Blog

Fucking snowed in. It's nice to have some winter weather. It just sucks when we get 8 inches of snow but the top 1/2 inch is pure ice. So much for Portland functioning on this Sunday. Also sucks if you're trying to travel today. Things that happened in the last week or so - alternating snow and rain, Verg's birthday, end of year craziness at work, barely any skating. So it goes.

Snowy streets on the way to the bar to have Hot Toddys.

Derek and Diesel having a tug of war.

Friday is a brat and rubs her face on Diesel's toys.

Birthday nachos for Verg!

Jen had a little potluck. She told us to bring an appetizer. Derek and I heard that as bring a bottle of whiskey.

Oly loved it.

And tried to kill his tail.

Jen has an awesome little ramp but the ceiling is low. Standing on the deck will give you a kink in the neck. It can also be dangerous if stand up tall on tricks.

Brooke was executing rad moves like this in her skirt. Brooke and I always talk about blogging and the internet when hanging out. We even got into Google analytics and using bounce rates to determine how good a post might be. And we talked about Ian's column, the n00b, on yobeat really bums out snowboarders. Brooke already blogged about the party sans photos so I felt I had to step it up and get this posted.
I really thought this photo was hilarious.

Pivot in a skirt.

Saturday night, lots of snow, drinking Sparks and listening to the Get Up Kids, Roman candles and bottle rockets. This is what dreams are made of.

Christian sustained a direct hit.

Ice sealing the door of the car.

Ice branches

The Portland Mercury published a photo of mine of the Mean Jeans this week with a rad write up their show that didn't happen last night. Check out the paper if you're in town and if now I'll get a scan of it soon.

And finally I have to give a eulogy for one of the most amazing beverages of all time - Sparks.
I learned this week that due to several lawsuits from state attorney generals Sparks in its current iteration is no more. I like Jared's take on it. Shed a tear but don't poor any out. This stuff is precious as gold now.


Grenade Insider said...

Get Up Kids and Sparks and you didn't invite me! I would have driven across town in a blizzard for that shit you know.

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