I'll give you $10 if...

Canadians in town, dudebarn parties, the impending holidays, job related frustrations. These are stressful times.(Edit - Candadians and the dudebarn are not stressful. Work and the holidays are.) But I can skateboard again after my 6 week hernia recovery. I have to wonder, when did my knees start aching? Shit.
The last couple nights have brought restless sleep. I think it's making me feel a little crazy. I tried to edit and post these photos last night but was too sleepy at 9 pm so went to bed. That's unheard of. Enough with my sleep. Here is fun from the last week or so. And as the saying goes... Fun Is Awesome!

I've been using the ebay a bit lately. Finally assembled a collection of flashes and radio slaves to accompany my camera. You'll be seeing results soon from this.

Some Canadians dropped South of the border to taste some freedom. Andrew I go back to when I lived in Vancouver and he brought along Tim and Torey who fit right in with the crew. The excuse for them to make the trip is that Andrew had this board in an art show. It was good times.

The art show was in NW Portland on first Thursday which brings out all sorts of people. This guy was having a full on photo sesh with this Lamborghini. I couldn't help but document his shoot.

We have the midwest's favorite beer here now. Did you know that Portland is PBR's #1 market?

Kyle singing about hating short people.

Merle was hanging at the bar.

Friday some of us hit up the Bacon premiere and then headed to the dudebarn for party times.

Collinson, good thing you sent a bunch of stickers for the premiere. They were used well. Party over.

Old washing machine tubs make rad fire pits. Just add some lighter fluid.....


Torey trying to stay warm. How is he going to survive in Montreal? The warmest place in the dudebarn was outside by the fire.

Bike lock medallions.

Andrew looks really into whatever he was yelling about. He kept offering $10 to everyone for all sorts of requests. Most frequently to stop cock blocking him...

The last thing Verg needs is a megaphone.

Hey, it's Derek Mills from Toledo, OH back on the blog post settlement.

Lovejoy is a cowboy.

Happy birthday Steve.

Spencer and his buddy were jamming.

The floors were looking good.

Ryan, Caitlin, Derek, and Andrew.

Why not thumb wrestle on a 2x4 over a fire?

And if you're Dan, try to headbutt the 2x4 unsuccessfully. Notice the ash on his hat.

Andrew is on a mission to kill mother earth - I mean burn plastic bags so the flaming bits of plastic can make a faint screaming sounds as they fall to the ground. It took 5 bags for him to be satisfied.

Need excitement? Make a tightrope by having 2 friends hold a 2x4.

Add a vader mask for added challenge.

Or do this?

Or get Steve pumped with a backflip attempt.

Which did not happen but could have been worse.

Lovejoy vs. Derek. Lovejoy appears to be taking a beating from a 2x4.

This is Derek manuevering out of a typewriter.

Something about the Camo tape made really like this sign.

Saturday skate mission to Battleground.

It was glorious. Steve Healy with a tailslide.

Torey Goodall had all sorts of good shit including this salad grind.

Healy with a 5-0.

Here's a little clip of Torey.

And a real part of his from a couple years ago in Baby Steps.

I wondered why the rules sign had caster wheels. It's a skateboard, duh.

Blue Moon Camera had their customer appreciation show on Saturday. Thar had some good shots in there.

The fading Tienda sign looked rad.

Jump kick in an arch sculpted from a shrubbery. Notice that Amy is wearing her outside slippers. Classy.

Kyle thinks fun is awesome.

I think I already used pussy in a box for a similar shot but fuck it. That's what it is.

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