Dinner of Champions

Verg is living in my basement. Thanksgiving happened at Colin's house. But not before we kept the dream alive with Thanksgiving eve Karaoke at Chances. We tried to hit up the Acrop for Thanksgiving breakfast but they weren't open until 6pm. Lame.

Dinner of a champion.

The crew at Chances.

Camera hi-jack.

Then Andrew got going.

Eric is very impressed.


Just awesome.

It looks like Andrew is beat boxing.

These 2 started battling by singing songs by the band Live. I felt like it was high school all over again. We had to suffer through 4 or 5 songs by Live. I can still hear - my love for you is like wa-ater.

Colin's chicken.

It was iPhone central around there.

Friday baking project.

It looks really good here but the middle wasn't cooked. A little research tells me I did not use enough flour in my dough.

Keeping it classy, again. Side note - the Spare Room is my new favorite Portland bar.

This is Doug's new friend Walter.

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