Insert witty title here.

Shot some portraits of Pat for a Japanese magazine.

Traveled to lovely Upland, CA for the launch of Dennis Busenitz's new shoe at Utility.

Gary Headlock.

Fucking impostor Deli Zone in Upland. They were closed like most everything else on a Sunday.
The best observation came from Amy when she asked why the same lifted truck was cruising the street. Then she realized that everyone has almost identical lifted trucks. We still wondered what they were all doing cruising the streets.

Art show in Portland.

House warming party for Steve and Cynthia. Careful what you eat.

Party Lovejoy was there. Quote of the night - "How did you guys meet? Adult friend finder?"

Summer evening at the bluffs.

What could we do with a discarded piano?

Skate it!

Same-day blogging. Fuck yeah internet!

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