Hot pockets....

A van full of dudes from SF showed up on Friday morning. They were ready for skateboarding and shenanigans. On Saturday afternoon one of the guys remarked that it was very nice of me to show them around to the various parks, swimming holes, and nightlife spots. I told them that it wasn't much different than any other weekend filled with skateboarding and antics.

One of the first stops was Tigard.

We also hit Gabriel Park before heading back to my house for BBQing. More SF dudes showed up.

This is on the way to Glenhaven. No photos happened there because we were skate racing against the sunset.

Josh is ready for a night on the town.

Any guesses on where this is?

My roommate can climb light poles.

Beer-a-mid with a tired looking Parker in the background.

Charlie laying it down teacher style.

Rule number 5.

Completely staged photo at the Vancouver park.

Get bummed, throw water.

The proper way to watch skate videos is shirtless while holding a BB gun.

Shea Bones throwing down.

Counter tops made of yearbook photos.

Skateboard breakfast of champions.

Road crew. I'm writing this before they are even home.


Doug said...

[whispering] I don't think they're supposed to be playing with fireworks like that.

Sheabones said...

duuuuuuuuuuuude pocket!