and finally....episode two.

Well it took a bit longer than anticipated (part apathy, part too many fun times [note posts below]), but episode two is finally done (part boredom in my new home, part george making me feel lazy and...mediocre).

So yes, yes indeed it is complete, but as hinted upon, I am in a new home after having moved to LA for the winter, so episode three may not arrive until spring. Until then you can guarantee plenty of winter adventures and the photos to prove it from the dudes up north. oh, and pat.

...see you in spring.

DUDE BARN EPISODE TWO. from Dude Barn. on Vimeo.


Brooke said...

best six minutes of my life.

brandon said...

i'm telling jared

Anonymous said...
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cutty mc cutterson said...

the way your video prompts me to skate for those who can't (due to mother nature being bitchmade)!!!!