Oh Ontario, oh Jenifer Jason Leigh

Off to Toronto to meet up with those representing adidas skateboarding in Canada. I tried to keep the beer consumption Canadian. This here is a local favorite.


Hey Verg, I took this because I thought you would find it funny.

Not a bad view from the hotel.

This was on the inside of my hotel room door. Weird.

We got in on this session that goes on twice a week at a market. The guys take out all the tables and set up the boxes and rails. It was fun once I was able to get my legs working.


This cheese plate was on point!

Dog Balls? We did not go in here.

Tim and Tyler get serious.

Drew, Jascha, and Chuck.

McCourt, Chuck, Desmond, Jascha, and Drew.

Jascha and Tyler.

Me, Tim, and Matie.

"The gap I ollied was this long."

Tim Horton's was in the lobby of our hotel. I had to hit it up. Then Trailer Park Boys came on TV. The only thing I missed out on was Hockey Night in Canada.

The hotel had some pretty weird setups. My room felt like it was missing a desk. Jascha's room had this microwave on a stand. No one else had this.

Thanks to Gymbo at Shred Central we had a private session on Friday night.

I spent a lot of time on this thing.

Tyler, Jascha, and Tim winding down.

More Canadian beer.

I got a good view of Mt. Adams and Rainier on the flight home.

Thanks to the whole crew in Canada that made it a great trip.
One place I neglected to get a picture that deserves a shoutout is Sam James Coffee Bar. Thanks for taking care of us Sam!

Made it home to check out Whiteley's photo show.

Also, In a step of regression I obtained this 35mm (i.e. non-digital) camera. No telling the long term effects on the blog...

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that hotel room looked sweat