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Off to Berlin with Canadian version of the adidas skate team. Good times in a foreign land! There were so many amazing quotes from Chuck. Too many rad skate spots to keep track of. A bout of food poisoning for myself. All night partying for some of the dudes. Twins... So much that can't be captured in the format that is a blog.

Berlin likes photo booths. There are at least 3 within a block of one of the best skate spots in town. Here is most of our crew in photobooth format.

This was our first day. We walked around trying to fight off jetlag. Came across this 'thing'. Chuck captured me in a great moment. There is a huge pile of shit by my feet.

BEER! 3/4 of the cooler was booze. I like how open and cool about drinking Germany is. Drink in the streets? Yes!

We made purchases based on the labels.

Good views at 6am.

This spot again.

More awesome labels.

Our photographer, Daniel, did this pivot fakie first try.

Communist architecture.

You might recognize this rail from Busenitz's 360 flip. Drew got a dope trick over it. You'll have to wait for Kingshit to publish the article to see it.

I'm now obsessed with this building. The old Tempelhoff airport.

East Berlin apartments.

TV tower.

I think I took this same photo last year. Still awesome.

Rad bus.

I don't know what's going on with these books but the cover art is amazing.

Kevin Lowry can jump high.

Best sign I saw in Germany. I was bummed that this place wasn't open.

We drove all the way to Potsdam and got kicked out of this spot.

We watched the Champions League final. Everyone was bummed about Bayern losing.

Dave Carnie and I got obsessed with playing Germans in foosball. We made it happen and got our asses kicked. Those guys are good and the Foos.

Best brunch ever.


Amy's hometown of Summerland as seen from the plane.

Mt. St. Helens.

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