Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach

Time for another big money skateboard contest. Rad that guys can earn that kind of cash but it still feels weird. Also rad that this time around the park will stay in place instead of getting jack-hammered out a day later. Kids in NYC are going to be hyped.

Friday was super hot so we opted for the beach instead of sweating our faces off skating around the city.

Nice skyline view.

Cujo modeling an awesome dog jacket.

Pat looking happy.

Apparently Pat and crew know this guy but he was straight up passed out on the sidewalk.

Little Italy.

This was the only shot I took at the contest. Busenitz getting interviewed by some guy in a top hat and coat tails.

Lookout for the Cookout!

Obviously excited to be at some industry party. I should get photo incentive for that Monster banner.

This is a photo from as far away as my camera strap goes.

For some reason Kara was trying to bite Lyndsey's boobs?

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