We'll get through this one BBQ at a time.

It may appear that I have an unhealthy obsession with BBQs. But I wouldn't call this obsession unhealthy. After so many months of rainy days and grey skies, sunny days call for as much outdoor time as possible. Who wants to cook in a kitchen when you can fire up a grill, sit outside, and enjoy the ones that are cold. So it is that we've been doing a lot of BBQing lately. It has produced many quotes of the Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegetarian." And for now it's been standard grilling fare. I suppose as we resharpen those grill skills the dishes will become more elaborate, we will consume even more cold ones, and you can expect many pictures showing a similar situation to the one below.

Conor has already left us. It's time for him to earn his keep by catching salmon in Alaska.

T-Bone was so excited about the new grill he chewed through the packaging to get it out.

Someone giving Dave the old fuck you.


Andreas came to town to visit.

And our Pobody's Nerfect tattoos were finally united. I know they're hard to read behind all the leg hair.

And of course dice were rolled.

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