Guest Photos: Dane Kook

Montana is a magical place. Which is exactly why I felt the need to visit there recently. It didn't hurt that Conor and I had been talking about it for months without making a definite plan. Finally, schedules aligned and we scooped up Brandon who was fresh off a trip to SF and drove East toward the motherland.

For me, it's always a blast to hang out with the guys I've been skating with since I was 16. Fun and skateboarding were the only things on the agenda and we checked them off multiple times. Some sunshine combined with the crisp autumn air made for great atmosphere. After 3 days, many beers, some skating, and a whole lot of 4 letter words on knuckles it was time to head back to West Missoula - I mean Portland.

Thanks Bacon, Andy and Erin, the FSM, the Edge of the World crew, and everyone else for lots of laughs. See you soon!

Also thanks to Cheyne who snapped these shots of me and Conor at the Polson park.

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