Phone photo unleashment

My phone has a decent camera on it and so I snap a lot of random photos. It might be a day I don't have a camera on me or it happens to be the easiest thing to grab. Here are a bunch of randoms that were itching to get off the phone and on to the inter webs...

I miss my dog and these kind of mornings.

More Brazil shots.
Amazing ledge spot.

We met this dude Jimmy at the bar.

Coffee in a bag.

Mark had an art show while we were in Brazil. I liked these 2 pieces.

The crew.

Pete was hyped to get this custom Gonz tee. I just love beer too.

We went to a Brazilian futbol game. So much fun.

I really liked this label.

Here's how you pass 3 hours before your flight leaves.

Silas's birthday called for golfing at Edgefield. I shot a hole in one that day!

Derek doing his best to impress these girls.

Brooklyn Street.

More from Montana. Andy and Conor were fast friends.

Kevin's bike with sidecar.

This Eagle is awesome and for sale.

Classic Montana skate spot.

Wrestle-mania at the shop.

You probably don't want to get in a staple gun fight.

Paddle drummer.

The latest in tattoos from Olivia.
Why not some Uzis?

Bombs away.


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