Instead of Blogging, I've been doing this...

This is a lot for one post.  But I'm too lazy to split this up.  Photo time!

Watched the Twilight Crit downtown.  PJ was in town and raced it.  Until he crashed.  But that's part of a Crit.

Albany.  For Justin.

Cheyne had an 80s vs 90s theme party for someone's birthday.  It was fun going there with Justin and knowing about 3 people.

Sailor Cheyne.

I think one of these girls was the birthday girl.

Just one lone traveler.


Celebrating 30 years of this guy!

Butter up that hot dog!

Massage line.  Not sure how this happened but it was epic.

A couple nights later Jesse had a ramp jam/BBQ for the visiting Toebock dudes.
Blunt fakies while barefoot?  Yep.  Ollie holes in your foot?  Yep.

Oliver likes beer.

As you can tell by my fanned out posting of that set list below, I went and saw American Steel.

Self portrait shots.

Danny's tattoo machine finally made a summer appearance.  Ben and Brandon got some gems too.

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