Some film.

Inspired by some friends from the Photo Exchange that post film shots on their blogs (what's up Sam!) I thought I should do that from time to time.  So here are 2 shots from photos I got back recently.

Dudebarn crew.  Canby.  Summer 2011.  Yashica Mat 124G.  Cross processed Kodak E100VS.

Scraps sleeping on the extension.  Summer 2011.  Contax TVS.  Portra 160VC.

It should be noted that my scanner is really sucky.


fauxsure said...

Fuck yes. You're going to make me get one of those Contax guys aren't you? All you have to say is "this camera is good for photographing cats" and I'm sold.

cut throat said...

I have so many cat photos. You have no idea. Especially of Scraps. I did get that Contax at KEH for cheaper than they were going on Ebay.

Dan said...

dude if your scanner sucks... just throw it in the fire.. thats what i did