Off to Montana.  The annual summer pilgrimage to the homeland.  There was at least a few times over the course of our trip that my face hurt from laughing.  As always we skated, drank beer, went swimming, didn't shower, and had a fucking blast.

We kicked off with Thursday night at the Dead Hipster dance party.  Obviously crushing it.  Ben made a point to get in as many photos as possible.  This is only a small sample.

 Hanging with the newest Bacon, Vade.  He and Conor are tight.

We are Felix's new best friends.  But keeping up makes him tired.

Andy had an art show.  This was part of the reason for the trip.


Lance was on fire.

Pitcher of Appletinis?  Yep.

Don't mind if I do.

Then back slapping started.

This is the proper way to ride a bike home.

Sunday hike to Glen Lake.  Awesome.


This post was brought to you by beer and Texas Is The Reason.  And of course, Montana.

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