I went to this show for 2 reasons.  First, that Travis's new band, Puppy Breath, played.  And secondly, to see Great Collapse.  The singer was in this band Inquisition that I always loved.  And you can get their album from the mid-90s here for $5 and it's worth every penny.  That same singer was in Strike Anywhere, which for some reason I never got into.  I guess I never made that connection to Inquisition.  The second band, Phantom Family, was good.  And the final band, Young Turks were an awesome hardcore band.  They put on a good show.  Plus yummy food and Black Water.  Here is what they all look like while they play music.

This was Puppy Breath's second show.  Their first show was the night before.  Not that you would've noticed.  They killed it.

More Puppy Breath.

Phantom Family.

Great Collapse.

Young Turks.

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