July 4, 2015

Much like New Year's Eve, there is a pressure around 4th of July to do something epic.  So I follow these few steps- I try not to plan anything, set the expectations lower, roll with the punches, and that usually ends up turning into a pretty good time.  This year followed that familiar trajectory.  A crew came together to go skating and that transitioned nicely into a BBQ at Derek's house.  We didn't need to go anywhere for fireworks viewing because Derek's neighbors had the street closed off for a block party and a fireworks display that would be the envy of a small town.  A few beers were thumbgunned and many more were consumed in a normal manner.  Ben blew up a watermelon with a special explosive.  And I had a good old time.

Starting the day off at my favorite spot, Mini West Linn.

Got the new dad, Jesse, out for some skating.

Ben kickflipped into a tailslide.

White and Derek.

Paging Dr. Philips.

Ryan bluntslides into the hip.

This kid Simon showed up.  He probably lives up the street.  Lots of funny commentary and cruising around the park on his bike.

I let that dude take a few photos with my camera and he shot this!

BBQ time.

Exploding melon!

Dance Party.

Danielle, Chelsea, and Alicia.

Anastasia brought a lot of sparklers.

Then, bam, Brandon rolled back into town!

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