House Show!

I think it's time to really revive this blog.  Maybe people will look at it again?  Besides the 5 of you that still check in regularly (Sup JP, Derek, and...?).  The reason for this revival is a digital camera.  I like cameras and I have a lot of them.  But this is my first DSLR.  I love film and I always will, but I don't want to ignore a format of picture taking that is good in many, many ways.  And that's just it.  Digital is another format.  Every camera I own does something a little different and now I can add one more to that.  Digital photos are a perfect match for this blog.  I like the long form and being able to tell the story with them.  So expect more from me and this blog.  And spread the word!

On that note and before I dive into the pictures and story telling, does anyone use Flickr or similar photo sites?  Good, bad, stupid?  I'm interested to hear.  I'll try dipping my toes in and will post a Flickr link soon.


This summer has been slower with house shows.  Maybe it's because Donkeylips isn't playing.  Maybe everyone's neighbors told them to turn it down.  But last night there was a good one at the Blowout house.  Bread Man introduced me to Winter Break and I've had their record on repeat.  So of course I wouldn't miss their show.  I did have to leave early so I missed Divers.  Apparently it was a secret show for them.  And I've heard they're good, but I've yet to see them.  Last night wasn't the time.  Maybe soon.  I did see Blowout, Winter Break, and Walter something or other (anyone have a link to them?).  All amazing and all before 8:30pm.  So here you go.

First up... Blowout.
With Bread Man on Guitar.

And Travis on the other guitar.

Laken on vocals.

And Nick on drums back there.

 And here's the Walter band.  With socks on the mics.

And finally, Winter Break.  Serisously, give them a listen.

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