Gearing up to get down.

Verg putting 'em on the glass at the Bye and Bye.

This is not necessarily the best photo of me and Amy but Andrew's background props makes it rad.

We keep it classy around these parts.

Apparently Andrew got knocked up.

Gearing up to shotgun beers.

Stoop dwellers.

We were treated to a little of the Mean Jeans unplugged.

Foosball is awesome.

On Thanksgiving Eve we went out the closest bar to the house. The Kickenbaque Lounge. The owner was a Phillipino TV star and is also a very nice guy. We rocked out some Karaoke. Good thing I used the bathroom or I would have forgotten where I was.

Thanks to Kristen and Colin for having us over for Thanksgiving.

These 2 are brothers from different mothers.

Yeah Thanksgiving!

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