Total Creeps.

I feel like I've been having a good time a lot lately. Portland is fun! Last Thursday after watching the premiere of the Habitat video at Department, Amy, Alyson, and I headed to Ground Kontrol to watch The Mean Jeans play a show. The band is made up of Andrew and Christian (our next door neighbors). It is without fail, always a good show. They switched up a little bit this time and Andrew played bass instead of drums. Which meant using a drum machine. Not feeling that as much but the show was still good.

Then on to the weekend. When there's nothing to do on a Saturday? Invite a bunch of dudes over for beers. Of course the old thumb-through-the-can shotgunning technique was used.

We had an impromptu jam session in the Mean Jeans' practice space AKA the basement next door. Kyle was testing his drumming skills.

Not sure what Christian is singing but it was pretty funny judging by Jonah's expression.

Seriously, check out the combo of the Pabst banner and the Rod Stewart shirt.

Jonny doesn't fit in houses with small doorways.

I believe this is when Dragonforce was cranked and epic air guitaring started happening.

Dual air guitars? Yeah we've got that.

Andrew is pure entertainment. He just kept doing jump kicks.

Foosball got so intense that shirts came off. And speaking of shirts, it should be noted the awesomeness of the combined shirts of Andrew, Alyson, and Christian. Way to come through as a house.

Then to cap off the weekend Micah was in town staying with the guy who loves Bacon. Micah, sucks that we didn't get to skate together at all. Next time.


The Hound of Love said...

Jorge, you are BY FAR the BEST jump-kick photographer this side of the mighty willamette.
Oh and two other things:
1)You will always be the king of thumb-thru-can beer shotgunning as far as I am concerned, and
2)Never ever shall we burdon your ears with the sound of that confounded drum machine. Next show I'll play drums if you promise to guest sing a song.

dan.sf said...

Micah and Colin in the hizzie! Looks like good times...